Course Objectives:

  1. To study the fundamental concepts of programming in Java including the designing of interactive applications.
  2. To learn the concepts of connecting with databases.
  3. To gain the insights of servlet concept.
  4. To understand the fundamental concepts of JSP.

Unit I

Introduction: Concepts of Classes and Objects, Constructors, Inheritance, Function Overloading, Polymorphism, Packages and Interfaces, exception handling, file streams and their manipulation. AWT & Applet Programming Design of User Interfaces: Swing, Japplet, Icons and Labels, Text Fields, Buttons, Jbutton Class, Check Box, Radio Buttons, The Container, Panel, Windows, and Frame Classes, Combo Box, Tabbed Panes, Scroll Panes, Trees, Tables, Custom Rendering of Jlist Cells.

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Unit II

JDBC: JDBC Fundamentals, Establishing Connectivity and working with connection interface, working with statements, Creating and Executing SQL statements, working with Result Set Object & Result Set Meta Data. Java Beans: Java Bean, Installing, Starting Bean Development Kit, Use of JAR files and the use of Java Beans API.

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Unit III

Servlets: Introduction to Servlets, Life cycle of Servlets, Creating, Compiling and running servlet, Reading the servlet Parameters, Reading Initialization parameter, Packages- javax.servletPackage, Handling HTTP Request and Response (GET / POST Request), Cookies and Session Tracking.

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Unit IV

JSP: JSP Architecture, JSP Access Mode, JSP Syntax Basic (Directions, Declarations, Expression, Scriplets and Comments, JSP Implicit Object, Object Scope, Synchronization Issue, Session Management.

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  1. Gary Cornell and Horstmann Cay S., Core Java, Vol I and Vol II, Sun Microsystems Press.
  2. Herbert Schildt, Java: The Complete Reference, McGraw-Hill.
  3. Philip Hanna, JSP: The Complete Reference, McGraw-Hill.
  4. Deital and Deital, Java How to Program, Prentice Hall (2007).

Course Outcomes:  After successful completion of the course, students will be able to:-

  1. Have an ability to apply the core Java concepts for designing applications.
  2. Have an ability to use the Java concepts for accessing a database.
  3. Have an ability to understand the utility of server side technologies.
  4. Have basic understanding and knowledge of JSP.
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