Database Management System MCQ

DBMS GATE 2018 Solved Questions

Ques 1:In an Entity-Relationship (ER) model, suppose R is a many-to-one relationship from entity set E1 to entity set E2. Assume that E1 and E2 participate totally in R and that the cardinality of E1 is greater than the cardinality of E2. GATE 2018 Q no 11 Which one of the following is true about R? (A) Every entity in …

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DBMS GATE 2022 Solved Questions

Ques 1:In a relational data model, which one of the following statements is TRUE? GATE 2022 Q no 14 (A) A relation with only two attributes is always in BCNF. (B) If all attributes of a relation are prime attributes, then the relation is in BCNF. (C) Every relation has at least one non-prime attribute …

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