Units of Memory

1 Bit = 1 Binary Digit ( 0 or 1 )1 Nibble = 4 bits1 Byte = 8 bits1 Kilo Byte (KB) = 1024 Bytes = 210 Bytes1 Mega Byte (MB) = 1024 KB = 210 KB1 Giga Byte (GB) = 1024 MB = 210 MB1 Terra Byte (TB) = 1024 GB = 210 GB1 …

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Graphs Definitions

In data structures, graphs are a fundamental concept used to represent networks of interconnected nodes or vertices. They consist of two main components: vertices (nodes) and edges. Here are some key definitions related to graphs:

Device Drivers

Device drivers are specialized software programs that enable an operating system to communicate and interact with hardware components or peripherals attached to a computer system. They serve as an intermediary between the operating system and the hardware, allowing them to work together seamlessly. Here are some examples of device drivers along with their purposes: Without …

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Sets and its related terms

Sets: It is a collection of distinct objects, also called elements or members. These objects can be anything, such as numbers, letters, or even other sets. Sets are usually denoted by capital letters, and their elements are enclosed within curly braces. Examples:1) A = {1, 2, 3, 4, 5} (Set A consists of the numbers …

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XII IP (065)

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