DCRUST BCA Math Semester I


BCA 111 C Math


Unit I

SETS: Sets, Subsets, Equal Sets Universal Sets, Finite and Infinite Sets, Operation on Sets, Union, Intersection and Complements of Sets, De-Morgan’s laws, Cartesian Product, Equivalent sets, Countable and uncountable sets, cardinality of a Set, Simple Applications.
RELATIONS AND FUNCTIONS: Properties of Relations, Equivalence Relation, Partial Order Relation, Function: Domain and Range, Onto, Into and One to One Functions, Composite and Inverse Functions.

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Unit II

MATRICES: Definition, Types of Matrices, Addition, Subtraction and Multiplication of Matrices, Adjoint, Inverse of a Matrix, solving system of linear equations using inverse of a Matrix.
DETERMINANTS: Definition, Minors, Cofactors, Properties of Determinants, Applications of determinant and Cramer’s Rule.

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Unit III

Sequence and Series: Arithmetic Progression (A.P.), sum of n terms of a A.P, Arithmetic Mean (A.M.), Geometric Progression (G.P.), sum of n terms of a G.P., Arithmetic-geometric series (AG series), infinite G.P. and its sum, geometric mean (G.M.). Relation between A.M. and G.M.

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Unit IV

Basic Statistics: Measure of Central Tendency, Preparing frequency distribution table, Mean, Median: Methods of Calculating Median in case of Individual, Discrete series and continuous series, Mode: Methods of Calculating Mode in case of Individual Series, Discrete series and continuous Series, Range: Computation of Range, Inter Quartile Range, Computation of Inter Quartile Range, Percentile Range and Computation of Percentile Range. Mean Deviation, Standard Deviation.

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