BCA Syllabus

DCRUST BCA Math Semester I

DCRUST SYLLABUS BCA 111 C Math CATEGORY : BCA COURSE Unit I SETS: Sets, Subsets, Equal Sets Universal Sets, Finite and Infinite Sets, Operation on Sets, Union, Intersection and Complements of Sets, De-Morgan’s laws, Cartesian Product, Equivalent sets, Countable and uncountable sets, cardinality of a Set, Simple Applications.RELATIONS AND FUNCTIONS: Properties of Relations, Equivalence Relation, …

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AJ (Advance Java)

DCRUST SYLLABUS BCA301C Advanced Java CATEGORY : BCA COURSE Course Objectives: To familiar with concept of advanced java application and the design and development of GUI application using Swings. To connect data structure and database with the Java Project. To develop web application by creating client and server pages using servlet. To practice the alternate …

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OS (Operating Systems)

DCRUST SYLLABUS BCA205 OPERATING SYSTEMS CATEGORY : BCA COURSE Course Objectives: To understand the services provided by operating system and the design of an operating system. To understand the structure and organization of the file system. To understand what a process is and how processes are synchronized and scheduled. To understand different approaches to memory …

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