Input Devices

These devices are responsible for giving the input to the computer system with the help of input devices.

Examples of input devices: Keyboard, Mouse, Joystick, Web Camera, Microphone, Track ball, light pen, Digitizing tablet, OMR, OCR, MICR, BCR.

Keyboard– It is an input device used for typing to enter textual input to the computer. Standard keyboards have 104/105 keys.
Alphabetical keys (in the middle of the keyboard)
Numerical keys (right side of the keyboard)
Function keys (F1-F12) (in the top most bar of the keyboard)
Special keys (Alt, Ctrl, Enter, Backspace, Delete, Esc, Caps, Break, Prt scr, window etc

Mouse– It is pointing device used to control the movement of the cursor on the screen. It is used to point and select the required option from the screen. It has three buttons – left, right, scroll which can be click, double click or scroll up and down to perform various operation like navigation, drawing, editing etc.

Joystick– It is also a pointing device used to control the movement of cursor on the screen. It has a stick which can be moved to control the position of cursor. It has generally used in window games.

Trackball– Just like mouse and joystick it is also a pointing device. It has a ball which can be moved using a finger to control the position of cursor on the screen.

Scanner: It is used to scan any image / printed document / handwritten document etc and create its soft copy and save in a storage device for future use.

Web camera– It is just like a camera which is installed in our computer or laptop. It is used to take our pictures during video conferencing over the web.

Light Pen– It is a digital pen which is connected to computer, wired or wireless connection. It is generally used for free hand drawing, handwritten, digital signature.

Digitizing Tablet– It is just like a digital copy on which we can write using a digital pen.

Microphone– It is used to record the sound and convert it into the required format.

OMR (Optical Mark Reader)– It is used to evaluate the answer sheets of various competitive exams and recruitment exams like IIT JEE, NEET etc.

OCR (Optical Character Reader)– It is used to read the printed or handwritten document and convert it into a digital file format.

MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Reader)– It is used to process the cheques in banks. The cheque no. is printed using a special magnetic ink that is read by MICR device available in bank.

BCR (Bar Code Reader)– Almost all the product have rectangular strips which is called barcode of the program.

QR scanner – It is used to scan the QR code present on various apps like (paytm, google pay, phone pay etc) and various legal document when we can scan the QR code using QR scanner it displays the information regarding the required QR code. After that we can process it according to our requirement, QR stands for QUICK RESPONSE.

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