The algorithm written in any language is called pseudocode. It can be written in any human language or computer language. It is user as well as computer language friendly. It can be written in english language using some phrases of specific computer programming language like C, following the syntaxes of the C language. Pseudocode differs from a program in the sense that a program must be written completely using header file and main function but the pseudocode contains only the logic of the program. Pseudocode is not actual programming language. It uses short phrases to write code for programs before you actually create it in a specific language.

Example: Pseudocode: To find area and perimeter of rectangle.

  1. Start
  2. scanf(“%d%d”, &l,&b);
  3. a= l*b;
  4. p= 2*(l+b);
  5. printf(“%d%d”,a,p);
  6. Exit

Source code – Program written in any particular language is known as source code of program.

Object code– After compilation the source code is converted into object code.

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